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  • ChristalL2 commented on pluralmolecule's instructable Wash Dishes By Hand1 year ago
    Wash Dishes By Hand

    I taught my kids this simply because we were never in a place that had a dishwasher until about five years ago and even then it's not a great one. My youngest prefers to wash by hand. What I have found, even in my 74 year old mother (who is not known for her attention to ... cleanliness ..for lack of a better word) is that people assume rinsing is washing. Washing removes grease and other particles. Nothing is grosser than someone giving you a glass of water and you see the remnants of lipstick from the last user or years of gunked up junk on the outside. Wash the outside and rims of things, too. This is so great for those who weren't able to have this given to them for whatever reasons. We don't think about it in todays world, we assume "everyone knows this".

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