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CrLz (author) 1 year ago
I'm using my Orangeboard as a journal space and bulletin board. Here are some simple ideas, things I've made and initial project work.

Most of these posts I don't prioritize to write up for a full-fledged ible. Some I may post after further refinement.

Feel free to comment, etc. I'm happy to discuss more anything here. Maybe I'll write up something that seems very useful to others.
CrLz (author) 5 months ago
Laser engraved new mailbox. Nice that I can use the same graphic for house numbers.
CrLz (author) 5 months ago
The finished "Croc-O-Dile" poster for my children. One of five wooden posters I'm laser cutting.

I made up the songs / poems for the kids when they were young and tried to sing these to the kids everyday. My youngest loves the airplane song.

Probably a bit sentimental, but I wanted to preserve the songs for a while. Hopefully my kids will use them someday.
CrLz (author) 5 months ago
Made this homage to Shel Silverstein, using his image, of course! His subject matter is unparalled and still inspires me. :)

"Children for Soup" by me, for the kids. <3

Laser engraved hardboard, finished with oil pastels.
CrLz (author) 5 months ago
Got this poster done @ Firelight Kauai's makerspace.
CrLz (author) 5 months ago
Laser cut and engraved thaumatrope for local student STEM outreach. Fabricated at Firelight Kauai.
Thaumatrope (5).jpg
CrLz (author) 5 months ago
Art work " beneath the Cover"
CrLz (author) 1 year ago
A spring-powered catapult we made for golf & tennis balls.  Bought the springs (20 lb pull strength each). All the other supplies were leftovers. Cup is top from an old spray paint can. It has two "rings" essentially, one good for golf balls and one good for tennis balls.

Performance was... so-so- it is really at a balance between distance and safety. This is for my young kids to play with, so staying below serious injury threshold is important. Can get about 40-feet distance with a golf ball, which is fine for the kids, but wimpy for dad. An interesting design dilemma... ;)
CrLz (author) 1 year ago
Made a geodesic dome from paper tubes. Kids rolled full newspaper sheets into tubes and we attached them with pipe cleaners at the joints.

Worked pretty good for a light tent structure.  Need a door/arch entrance for better egress.  Recycled nicely when done!
CrLz (author) 1 year ago
Necklace I found + embellished for my niece. I found the shell strung on the hand braided cord. Beautiful work. The shell is a 3-inch opihi, probably someone's food, would have been a good sized find.

I added the wooden beads and the bead-clasp. Finished the clasp using pink yarn I waxed.  Was hoping for a little more color, but maybe the simple nature is better emphasized with natural tones.
girls necklace.jpg
CrLz (author) 1 year ago
A necklace I assembled for my nephew. Just a  Hei matau on a leather cord.

Sliding knots were easy to use as a clasp-mechanism. The hook is bone and Koa wood, nice as a Hawaiian gift.
boys necklace.jpg
CrLz (author) 1 year ago
Made some desk sculptures from old golf balls. These balls are from a local course, where they fall into the ocean. The surf returns the balls to the shore at this pocket, where the case gets worn smooth.

Sculptures are prototypes for another project, but pretty cool for paperweights. Used double-tube epoxy (PVC plastic adhesive) for connection - rock solid with the tooth left on the balls and the PVC epoxy.
desk tetraheadron.jpg
CrLz (author) 1 year ago
Upcycled vinyl bag > a hanging bag for delicate clothes. In this case, a hand-knit sweater is stored, and bag is hung up, so the shoulders of the knit don't get stretched.

The bag is just something left over from a Halloween party, but works great to help keep my sweater in good shape and organized.  I save vinyl bags from sheets, etc. also.
hanging bags.jpg
CrLz (author) 1 year ago
Orchard was really productive over winter. Here's a photo of a typical picking of oranges and starfruit (about 1/2 a week's total).

We really enjoyed the kumquat tree, once a friend gave us an easy marmalade recipe.
winter fruit.jpg
CrLz (author) 1 year ago
Made my own Dark Side of the Moon tshirt, using fabric paint. Combination of stencil and freehand.
dark side tshirt2.jpg