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comodore7 years ago
Hey, i love your instructables but i don't see you often on the forum... Do you still make things...?
CuriousInventor.com (author)  comodore7 years ago
hey, thanks! we'll probably have some new ones coming soon, covering more through-hole desoldering as well as more surface mount soldering.
COOL!!! Can't wait! I hope it gets featured... PM me please when you make it! Thanks!!!
cafrinko8 years ago
I thought the longer lead of the capacitor and LED is the anode, not the cathode, but you said in step 5 that the longer lead was positive. Did you mean you insert the longer lead into the board on side with the plus symbol?
CuriousInventor.com (author)  cafrinko8 years ago
The anode is positive, right? (longer lead). Another way to tell, if the leads have been chopped, is that the side with the stripe is negative (cathode). You can think of the stripe as a giant negative sign. If you're building our plug-in power supply kit, the longer lead should go in the + marked hole, which also happens to be pin 1 and square / rectangular for C1 and C3. Note that the silk screen on C3 is covered by the pad, so the + sign looks like a - sign. The + side of C3 is closer to the edge of the board.
Congrats on your success of your instructable and your website. I am going to referr this site to some PCB manufacturers and you may have good things coming your way.
Thanks. If you don't mind saying, what kind of soldering do you do? On the side hobbyist work or professionally also? I'd love to get your feedback on some newer guides we're putting together when they come out...
I mostly do hobbyist work. I help out with my local High School. They could use this website, so I gave it to one of the teachers that teached Digital Logic and Soldering. She was very impressed and was very happy. I am glad that I came across this. It is the best guide I have ever seen. I solder the exact same way you solder, and even I learned a few things from this tutorial. A picture of one of my quick soldering jobs (about 10 min) to solder this simple little flasher for a upcoming tutorial. I really wasnt trying on this one. I am currently building a Binary clock using TTL Chips, so I wasnt focusing on this too much.
Also, the contrast is a little fuzzy, and I do a better job than this.
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables! Let me know if you have any questions.