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Love the bio!

filtercages3 years ago
A few years ago, I was asked by ICL to make a cabinet with HEPA filtration for holding laser printers when they are servicing them. I was told that this was because the toner powder (carbon black) was carcinogenic. I just googled "toner power carcinogenic" and had several positives, although I must admit that a few claimed it was harmless. Having also been involved in the production of carbon black (basically burnt oil) I would certainly err on the side of caution,
pravs2k4 years ago

Thank you DIY Guy.

I now use diluted white adhesive for my garden projects[ approx. 2+1 water ] -much cheaper.
Tin cans will work,but won't last long. Guess they will if primed and water-proofed inside.Too much effort?I have had two litre ones for over a year and a half and the money plant is doing well -did not even re-pot.Quaker oats container also was great.
The tetra pack ones too are doing fine.Decoupaged,no one realizes what they are made of.Have had them for months now and they are holding up well- no leaks.You could of course punch holes in the bottom and use a drip tray.The one I made yesterday has holes,but haven't found a tray to fit.

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