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  • DanJ53 commented on Arizno's instructable OpenHAB on Raspberry Pi1 year ago
    OpenHAB on Raspberry Pi

    Hi all!I am likewise unable to get the startup script to work. I follow all the instructions very carefully. I do not see any errors but I do not get a service to start (I cannot telnet to localhost:8080). I see NOTHING in /var/log/openhab.log. I chown'd and chgrp/d everything to pi:pi, opened up the log file to 777. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot next?Thanks!

    Actually I was just able to get this to work by following uvajed_again's advice by setting the runas user to root. It is still unclear to my why this works and why setting it to pi:pi does not, especially since I couldn't find any logs anywhere explaining anything.

    Ah ok, thanks. That makes sense. I'll clean up my scripts and open up the directories as you mentioned. Thanks!

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