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March 7, 2010
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  • Databanks commented on dan's instructable Giant Steel Skeleton Hand (and coat rack)2 weeks ago
    Giant Steel Skeleton Hand (and coat rack)

    Reo-rod works well, too - I'll post photos when I finish welding

    Not quite finished

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  • mini circular bench saw from scrap [UPDATED]

    Oh that's brilliant. So going to have to make one of these, thank you. No room in my tiny flat for a real workshop, so micro-tools like this are ideal

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  • Databanks commented on andrea biffi's instructable Bicycle trailer for heavy cargo1 month ago
    Bicycle trailer for heavy cargo

    Great idea using the chain links for the hitch. Very simple yet perfect for the job. That bed frame would make an ideal basis for a little caravan that can be towed behind your bike. Wish I could pick one up around here as it would have saved me a lot of fudging with used fence posts to make my frame. If you look for Paul Elkin's coroplast camper you'll see where I got the concept from - thought they'd make a good project to build and offer through homeless assistance centres. Made from junk. If you have ideas, I'm listening!

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  • Databanks commented on andrea biffi's instructable the unfinished trailer1 month ago
    the unfinished trailer

    Even unfinished, it's good quality work and wonderful repurposing of that bed frame. I think I prefer the way you've done it with the wheels protruding, to be honest. 'ibles like this are always good to read as they give others good information that can be adapted to their own needs (like a bike camper trailer)

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  • Databanks commented on andrea biffi's instructable bike tube repair1 month ago
    bike tube repair

    Hey, discovered something to add to this. A lot of patch kits come with a VERY small tube of glue that just won't do all the patches included. Well, turns out that if you heat the patch while it's on, the orange part will melt and adhere to the tube even better than with the glue alone. Throwback from when patch kits included a box of matches for vulcanising, I guess. Anyway, by running a lighter gently over the patch then pressing down hard, I got a better bond than by glue alone and needed just a tiny drop to hold the patch in place. I even experimented with NO glue - just the heat method. The tube is still holding air perfectly, so if you're stuck for glue, find a smoker!

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  • Databanks commented on MrJonesEducation's instructable Frankenstein Light Switch1 month ago
    Frankenstein Light Switch

    Nah, just take the switch off and use the same holes that are pre-existing. Piggy-back the frankenswitch onto the regular - no drilling into light switches required

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  • Databanks commented on makjosher's instructable Simple Overhead Camera Rig / Mount1 month ago
    Simple Overhead Camera Rig / Mount

    Relatively simple and yet highly effective. Nice work and thank you for sharing

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  • Databanks commented on PaulGetson's instructable Why You Should Make A Mosquito Trap1 month ago
    Why You Should Make A Mosquito Trap

    There's a double bug bonus for us Aussies. They catch flies rather well. I've been making these traps for decades and they're great. You can also staple them together for added weather proofing but if you hang/place them somewhere that they'll get rained on you may find they get over filled with rain water. A couple of pin holes at the water level you want solves that and if the trap is hanging, place a potted plant under it to catch the enriched water. The sugar and yeast bait is new to me but makes total sense - dark, warm and loads of CO2. As the mozzies die off and start to decay, it starts to attract flies more than mozzies. You guys who don't get flies can replace the liquid but I leave it. Each dead fly decays and attract more flies as long as there's water in the trap. The dark cover is a great idea - looks far neater as well as boosting effectiveness.

    Hey that's what this site's for :D Sharing ideas in a positive way. Oh and don't forget the snail and slug trap version. Use a Powerade bottle for the bigger mouth and put beer in it. They can't resist the stuff and your veggies will be that much healthier

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  • Databanks commented on papafire's instructable BICYCLE SIDECAR1 month ago

    Well, still a work in progress, but your sidecar has been a great help. Had to stop at this stage as it was getting too late - I live in an apartment block and don't want to get noise complaints. Used the front forks of a 16" kids bike found dumped on the road as I don't have an angle grinder and the thought of using the hacksaw to get the read segment was not appealing. Going to go out and scrounge for a floor and sides soon so I can continue in the morning. Under South Australian law, the sidecar has to be on the left and much thinner than yours but it was great inspiration

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  • Databanks commented on jimmyf's instructable Junk Recumbent Trike1 month ago
    Junk Recumbent Trike

    Between this and a few other 'ibles (there aren't many for this sort of trike) I'm getting lots of ideas for a junker of my own, thank you. Obviously everyone has different junk available but seeing this at least gives a stepping stone for how to assemble it into a workable vehicle :D

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  • Databanks commented on gonzouser's instructable Bike mirrors2 months ago
    Bike mirrors

    Would a tube of rubber cement work better for holding things steady? Takes a few hours to dry but fairly solid after that.

    Good point. I was thinking more about holding the mirrors to the metal, but yeah gluing them to the bike could be a problem. Glad you found a tape that works well.

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  • Databanks commented on gonzouser's instructable Bike mirrors2 months ago
    Bike mirrors

    Sad that you need them, but good design. Have you had any issues with sharp edges on the metal strips?

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  • Databanks commented on BtheBike's instructable Re-Tread your Slippery Pedals2 months ago
    Re-Tread your Slippery Pedals

    I'm wondering if you could use some silicon to add friction instead. Opinions? Or maybe both

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  • Databanks commented on periprohus's instructable DIY Bicycle Turn Signal2 months ago
    DIY Bicycle Turn Signal

    Looks good, could even add extra lights that disconnect to mount on a bike trailer or relocate the circuit to the handlebars with the LEDs in smaller boxes mounted further apart (brake light in the middle, maybe?). Lots of possibilities with such a nice, simple circuit

    Yes, handlebar indicators are a must. Hand signals are pretty much useless at night, after all. I do a lot of towing of my little trailer, so I thought having a secondary set on there that can be disconnected easily would be helpful - incorporating a switch for the tail lights would also save having to walk around the bike and trailer switching each light on (South Australian law means I have to have at least one on each side of the back of the trailer, plus the bike as well - a single switch on the handlebars would be way better - like motorcycle and car owners take for granted but sometimes forget)

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  • Databanks commented on vbnicolau's instructable Contactless dynamo bike wheel lights2 months ago
    Contactless dynamo bike wheel lights

    Doubtful, since it's going to be air cooled - the faster you go, the more it gets cooled. As for overloading, if in doubt you could always place a limiting resister or regulator, but those coils aren't really going to be too much of a risk

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  • Databanks commented on simonhaydn's instructable Triangle Wheel Reflectors - Bicycle2 months ago
    Triangle Wheel Reflectors - Bicycle

    Next step, wrap EL over them? The more lights/reflectors on our bikes, the better and the more awesome they look, the more you get noticed, right?

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  • Databanks commented on dewey302's instructable Hub Motor Delta Trike2 months ago
    Hub Motor Delta Trike

    Looks like it would be very comfortable for long cruises and just going where you feel like. Nice work. Plenty of cargo space for camping, too. Just connect a bike camper or pack a tent, although with that seat you could even sleep there at a pinch.Very elegant solutions for what at first glance looks complex and difficult.

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  • Easy Electric Bike Conversion Kit Installation

    There are also front wheel kits that you could use - pretty much identical to the rear wheel, only not need to transfer the gears etc over and should be suitable for the trike with no modifications. 99% of this 'ible is a match, really. I've seen loads of them on ebay ranging from 250W through to 1000W, some batteries included, others not. Possibly the Magic Pie might have a front wheel version, I don't know. Hope that helps.

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  • Databanks followed ThriftStore Hacker2 months ago
  • DIY Thorn (and puncture)-resistant tyres

    Nice idea. Another thing that works is strips of soda bottles taped into a ring to fit but if you have a spare worn out tire this is much easier

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  • Databanks commented on IamWe's instructable Amphibious Bike With Inboard2 months ago
    Amphibious Bike With Inboard

    Maybe if James May had seen this he'd have made it to the end in their Vietnam motorcycle trip

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  • Databanks commented on papafire's instructable BICYCLE SIDECAR2 months ago

    Okay, other than swapping sides and reducing the width for legality in my state (no more than 85cm wide) I think this is pretty much the basic idea I may have to go with for my flat mate who simply can not balance a regular bike - she never learned as a kid. Just add some sides so groceries don't fall out

    Depends entirely where you live and what the local laws are. Some states/countries restrict the width, others say you can make it as wide as a car and just follow road rules like everyone else. No worse than being stuck behind an equally LEGAL horse and buggy

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  • Databanks commented on ReeseLloyd's instructable Magnetic Spice Rack2 months ago
    Magnetic Spice Rack

    re lids getting stuck: I guess you could give the thread a quick wipe before closing tightly and maybe a rubber seal where lid meets jar. I find the containers with the shaker perforations a bigger issue as there's always a bit of residue left that stops it sealing and the contents get damp - chicken salt, vegetable salt and any other salt-based premix of seasoning is the biggest problem but paprika, onion powder, garlic powder etc have the same. Your solution here would probably help solve it

    Turning the fridge door into the spice rack - brilliant! Thank you

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  • Databanks commented on davidandora's instructable Upgrade Your Refrigerator Lighting2 months ago
    Upgrade Your Refrigerator Lighting

    Great concept and excellent execution Looks great and extremely practical, especially for older homes that don't have the best lighting - that single bulb in the middle of the room so every bench has your shadow in the way while you work.

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  • Building a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine ( VAWT )

    For those who want to avoid guy ropes, what about building 3 or 4 and connecting their frames together for stability? Or incorporating them into a shed or cubby house for kids and mounting these on the corners? Use a stepper motor as a generator, add some storage batteries and you have free lights and maybe even TV in the shed

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  • Electric motor bike (revised with better description)

    More photos and breaking the text up to relate to each photo would help us be able to get a better working idea of what looks to be a fun weekend project. Would love to see more in-depth descriptions with associated photos and good close-up shots. Keep on tinkering, it's good for your brain!

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  • Databanks commented on James B warren's instructable Dirt Bike/ Motorcycle3 months ago
    Dirt Bike/ Motorcycle

    Since you've geared it through the bike side, are you hooking up a pedal to act as a crank for starting it? Pretty awesome project. Looks great and would be great fun to ride around the property (would get arrested for it anywhere else, I'm guessing). Would be a nice project for my folks to putter around their little town on - just right for to & from church without having to get the car out.

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  • Databanks commented on geklooi in de marge's instructable Recumbent camper idea3 months ago
    Recumbent camper idea

    I wouldn't mind seeing more details of the design, if possible

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  • Databanks commented on bonedoggie's instructable PVC and Milk Basket Bike Basket3 months ago
    PVC and Milk Basket Bike Basket

    Hrm, good design and food for thought. A few very minor tweaks and my regular bike basket would fit nicely (the old mount had to come off - cheap steel and ocean winds do not mix well and it disintegrated). Thanks for the inspiration. Looks simple, sturdy and damn cheap - everything a broke bike rider looks for, right?

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  • Databanks commented on hanlin_y's instructable Mounting Bike Lights on Bike Baskets3 months ago
    Mounting Bike Lights on Bike Baskets

    Looks like you had the same issue and very similar answer to mine - basket getting in the way as well as contents of basket (plus ran out of handlebar space). Nice work - yours is much simpler than mine. Old photo - things get redesigned constantly

    Oh, the white thing is a cup holder made from plastic corner pieces - good for cans,, cups and 600ml flavoured milk (square bottomed cartons)

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