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  • DavidP190 commented on quintaar's instructable Make Your Keyboard Shine Again in RGB2 weeks ago
    Make Your Keyboard Shine Again in RGB

    Some earlier led keyboards were lit by led strips surrounding the clear plastic base those are easy to do with rgb led strips but i would get the 5050 rgb led strips because each led has 3 colors built in. just wrap around plastic base. note if you want get them in 5v strip and you would have to make 2 holes on backside for the inline controller so you could change color and patterns

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  • DavidP190 commented on GabrielPulecio's instructable ULTRA THIN LIGHT BOXES1 year ago

    you can also reverse the led strip to get a brighter border and add a second strip facing inward to light up etching. use white led for border and rgb strip fo etching. this way u get a brighter border independent from colored inside. I have done this type of lighting before on a pc to backlight the motherboard in case.

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