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Hey, I LOVE your chess flash drive, but I don't have laser cutting facilities available. Would you consider selling me one?
Actually, never mind. You would have to ship it overseas and that would stink... I think I'll do it with an x-acto knife instead. Thanks for the awesome idea!
godhole5 years ago
Alas - the game is over!
Deslivres (author)  godhole5 years ago
Or is it ? ;)
In the meantime, you can take a look at and protovate your heart away ! Thanks for your comment !
Hmmmm....I was drawn in by the labyrinths, but will take a look - thanks!
Deslivres (author)  godhole5 years ago
Woops, my bad - I thought you had been drawn in through the Superstruct Instructables ! Thanks for your comments and replies, still :)