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Hey doc its me, the writer of the blowgun instructable, hey i was looking over my comments and whatnot over the old conversations i had, and i wanted to know how the rat hunting went! i would love to hear stories of my blowgun being put to good use, so if you have the time i would like to hear them sometime! Also, i would like to hear how you have your blowgun set up, i always like to learn from others on how i can improve my own.
Doc Holliday (author)  thebluemartyr7 years ago
Got a 10' copper pipe, cut it into two, 4-6 foot pieces. used "viewfoil" to create "skirts" for hot glued screw (10x3/4) darts. I don't want PETA on my posterior, but NOTHING in the rodent range survives the shock. A local office has a rat problem, I demonstrated a solution, but people were going "Oh yuck, now we've got to get rid of a dead rat." Well, you can a person to knowledge, but you can't make him think!
Doc Holliday (author)  thebluemartyr7 years ago
It's wierd. I took the copper tube 5' approach and nailed two rats at about 30-40'. DOA. I was using the 3/4" screw tip with a viewfoil fin. Use Visio to create cutout patterns. Thin plastic film makes best guidance material, and nested layers of it can carry content, as well.
Doc Holliday (author) 9 years ago
Of course I'm me, If you think I'm the DH who did the world thing on a string you're right, I'm up in the PNW still. Just ask the feds (DIA) for confirmation. I don't talk to unidentified people at all. No time for BS(ing).
cleemc9 years ago
Doc? Is that you? -Clee