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July 8, 2006
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  • drkoraf commented on Doom_Goat's forum topic Rock Tumbler Ideas2 months ago

    For a simple, under $40 DIY rock/parts tumbler, see the one I made on YouTube at: FWIW, I use a "Click Clack" brand 5.4qt. acrylic storage container containing 2.5lbs. of crushed walnut shells to debur 5lbs. of steel straps (ea. 4.5"L x 1/5" w), and I run the tumbler at 60-70 container RPMs for 2.5 hrs. for optimal results. Over 100 runs later, I've had no problems except having to replace the drive belt twice (at $5 ea.). Since my needs have increased, I'm going to replace this 0.75amp motor with a 70rpm gear motor, and replace the container with a 4.5lb. Whey Protein container so I can increase my tumble capacity to appx. 20-25lbs (or 5lbs. of medium and 15lbs. of steel load) and increase my production capacity. I've found that 60-70 container RPMs works very well for my application though I'd bet that's a function of medium and load used. BTW, the video doesn't show it, but I added a small computer fan to cool the motor and keep it from overheating. I don't expect I'll need it when using the gear motor though. Make sure the drive rod is higher than the other rod otherwise the container won't rotate effectively!

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