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poorveshm1 month ago

Hi, saw your comment on induction heater, could you let me know how small can we build this, as of size & supply, I wish to make it for 6 volt coming from a laptop or a mobile charger, is it possible ? could you provide me a circuit & the component details ?

weissnit10 months ago

Hi. I found your instructables about an induction heater. These days, induction stoves for home kitchen are up to 2000 Watts and cost almost nothing. Therefore, I am looking to use the electronics of such a stove to build an induction heater, modifying the flat coil into a cylinder shaped coil. It is working somehow, but I do not know how to optimize that system. Furthermore, I would like to have a cooled copper tube coil for extended use.

Unfortunately, I have not much knowledge in HF electronics and want to ask you, If you could help. I could even send you an induction stove, if it would help


Beat P Koller, Switzerland

Downunder35m (author) 1 year ago
A big thanks to all my followers for the interest in my projects!
I updated my Instructable about making clear Ammonia with a nice video to show the process working.
There are now two Instructables for the Android game "The Walking Dead" showing how to back up your data and save games.
Another Instructables explains how to join two EL wires, which needs an update to include some simple inverters.
If time permits I will make a new Instructable on soldering Aluminium and Stainless Steel, including a nice recipe for an good chloride flux.
In case you just found one of my Instructables keep checking in to see if I added more or made some updates.

I like your posts because they re out of norms. keep posting, we learn from you.

We have taken the generater. The repair man said that the generator , I am not exactly sure , but I was told, no Carborator was found for this generator


JM19992 years ago

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

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