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KnexFreek6 years ago
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Metal4God8 years ago
how u doing at guitar??? tabs are an easy way to learn when ur a begginer, now i learn by ear,
im doin great, thx. btw i forgot my password, so i made this acc. and also, i learn by ear too, i find it easier
ya ear is actully easier lol
I know lol
and it's more fun, i sometimes use tabs to guide me, but then i move the strings around, like say its on the secound fret G string, i use the 7th fret D string
yeah, it is fun. i mean rly, would u wanna sit there looking at a tab for an hour trying to finish a song? in my oppinion by ear is easyer. how about u?
depends on the song, like through the fire and flames, it took me at least an hour to memorise the INTRO, so i just went to my guitar and played it, but my fave songs are from kutless, and i need tabs to play their songs
yeah, but alot of the songs arnt that hard.
u listen to kutless??? they are my fave christian rock band, i'm seeingthem april 26
i dont even know kutless, i meant any song. but sweet, where u sittin?
the tickets aren't avabiel yet, but my dad said he is going to try to get really good ones, it just so happens to be the only band my dad, mom, and i can agree on, my bro and sis hate them, so my mom might not come
cool, too bad for them though. i listned to a couple songs on youtube, and they sound pretty good! good luck getting good tickets
they have 200 good ones left for 25 bucks, or u can get regular seats for 15
well 10 bucks arnt much, id get good ones.