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jollex6 years ago
Hey check out my new tournament: http://www.instructables.com/community/Jollexs-Innovationists-Tournament/
smilee7 years ago
smilee7 years ago
piece count: CONNECTORS ******************* Yellow-114 Blue-2 Red-17 Green-0 White-34 Orange-17 Dark Grey-31 Light Grey-6 Gold-2 ******************* RODS: Green-320 White-86 Blue-18 Black-2 **************** SPACERS: Silver-1 Blue-1 **************** MISC.: Y Connectors-12 Ball Socket-6 **************** I believe i did not miss anything. (: Oh and if you already have a piece count tell me and I'll delet this comment.
smilee7 years ago
I'm making a piece count for your top loading rifle.
razzlekunai7 years ago
I see apple. Me gusta los manzanas. Did you make that avatar/apple with a drawing program, or find it offa the inerwebs?
Dutchj (author)  razzlekunai7 years ago
On the right track there, I only use pictures I make myself as avatars =D It's a 3D model I made, I'm thinking of doing some tutorials in 3D studio Max, as there aren't any on this website yet.
Nice, I've never heard of 3D studio Max :S The only 3D modeling program I know of... is Blender XD
Same here! Im pretty good at blender, but that is all i know. :(
The Jamalam7 years ago
what is the significance of the apple/pear in your avatar?
heat-seeker7 years ago
what are you working on now?
yerjoking7 years ago
Nice pear. ;)
Dutchj (author)  yerjoking7 years ago
Thanks =D Texturing it was a pain though. I've started work on the first of my modelling tutorials by the way.
Hehe, I don't think you got my rude joke. :P And cool, I hope to see more, and good luck!
Dutchj (author)  yerjoking7 years ago
Please enlighten me, what the heck could pear mean other then just, pear?
Nice pear (pair)... As in a pair of... *Sigh* Well atleast you don't have a dirty mind.