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Feb. 3, 2010
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  • Dyeman12 commented on jwilliamsen's instructable Building a Custom Rifle Stock1 week ago
    Building a Custom Rifle Stock

    JW -Buttstock hardware is a mix of Home Depot bits and a Mec III adjustable. Stock is made from Coosa board with a 3 layer CF shell applied with a home brew vacuum bagging rig powered by a frig compressor. You are absolutely right about the stiffness of CF- the cheek piece weighs 0.3oz and you can hardly flex it. Agreed on the thumb wheels, but I couldn't find one that was light weight and fit inside the comb. The next version is already on the drawing board - CF over foam, removable/adjustable grip, hexagonal fore stock, butt assembly fabricated from salvaged CF hockey stick with adjustable comb & butt plate. My main design inspiration from www.behance.net. CF can really be addictive! If you get the chance to snag a .22LR 7-2, they are really amazing suppressor hosts for the money. Good subsonic ammo makes one a real 'critter-gitter' :^)

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  • Dyeman12 commented on jwilliamsen's instructable Building a Custom Rifle Stock2 weeks ago
    Building a Custom Rifle Stock

    JW-Thanks for the inspiration! I took a different route and made one from scratch. A lot of fun learning various techniques using carbon fiber, resin & automotive clear coat. I took several of your comments to heart and even picked up a Zyliss multi-vise. The best advise was to cut the whole project up into 30-60min tasks. Took a while, but pretty cool results. Already designing the next version :^) Keep those chips a flyin'

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