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E Pluribus Unum (author) 5 months ago

My new MP5K (the second one is TRBoW's):


That is awesome, you been playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops

That have we. =D

Blue Mullet 211 months ago
I will re-subscribe after the instructable with the doll passes through the "things you like" section. Lol
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~KGB~1 year ago
thanks for the sub!
E Pluribus Unum (author)  ~KGB~1 year ago
You are very much welcome.
Dude, Your Alive!!!

I modded your P90! Hope you like it!
yup :-) ill have a look now :-)
E Pluribus Unum (author) 1 year ago
Here are some pictures of a gun that I am going to post in a few days.
Woah. I know I'm weird and may be the only one, but the looks of that thing are awesome. I always love unconventional looking, sci-fi guns.

I came to your profile once I saw you had subscribed to me so I could say thanks, but then I saw that fantastical thing. Oh, and I think it's really cool that you're red's little brother. If only I could get my little brother to build K'nex guns too...

You definitely deserve a sub back. :D
I am glad you like it. I guess it never occurred to us that it looked sci-fi, but I guess it kinda does. Again, I am glad it appeals to you, but my bro honestly does not think it looks that good.

You are welcome for subbing, I am excited to see more from you.