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E Pluribus Unum (author) 2 years ago

My new MP5K (the second one is TRBoW's):


That is awesome, you been playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops

That have we. =D

Well here we are, the instructions have arrived


Kona-chan2 years ago

yo bro =D

how's the SC 2010 comming along?

or was reddy be like; no! my knex!

just kidding xD

how ya doin?

E Pluribus Unum (author)  Kona-chan2 years ago

Haven't started yet, and to be honest, I'm not sure I will. But, I am still considering it. I'm doing fine, how about you? =D

I'm fine,

school's being a pain in the ass tho.

how's the family doin'?

E Pluribus Unum (author)  Kona-chan2 years ago

LOL, I hear you. School, smchool, says I. The family? Oh, were good. My bro's got a new MSMC and Remington R5 RGP as of right now.

by the way, how the heck does homeschooling work?

E Pluribus Unum (author) 2 years ago

You guys keep you eye out for some more fantastic stuff from me and my brother! Stuff like a MK5 Smart Pistol, the Tac 3 Extinction, a CZ-75, and a Stoner 63 LMG Bren style! They are gonna be great!

~KGB~3 years ago
thanks for the sub!
E Pluribus Unum (author)  ~KGB~3 years ago
You are very much welcome.
Dude, Your Alive!!!

I modded your P90! Hope you like it!
yup :-) ill have a look now :-)