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adokument1 year ago

Hi EngineeringShock, I have a 17v, 115W, 6.7A solar panel trying to charge a bank of (6) Ultracapactors rated a 2600F. I am using a 40v 3A Schottky Diode in series from the solor panel to the CAPs. The problem I am having is that the capacitor bank is charged to 17v and the solar panel, in the afternoon, is only producing 12v. When I connect these two together the diode is becoming a short and overheating. I also used a Zener Diode rated at 12v 10watt with the same result. Do you know why this is producing a short? NOTE: I used a 12v computer fan on the CAPS side in series with the diode and the fan was running when no voltage should have passed due to the diode. The diode did not overheat since the fan was the load. Thanks for any insight. My email is

Toyospearo3 years ago
Would you help me out over on your easy trip wire page??? I posted up a few issues I am having!