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kira894216 years ago
nice instructions
Awesome instructables. I'll admit I fall into stereo types. So I was surprised to see that it was a girl into Halo. Don't take it the wrong way. It's pretty cool, and it's not unheard of. But it is far less common in most circles. Sorry. I just had to say that it was awesome. Have a good day.
Erika888 (author)  nomooremr.niceguy7 years ago
Thanks =)
its nice to hear some nice comments about girls playing halo and other "big tough manly games" rather than those who seem to think that girls don't even know what video games are (sounds weird i know, but i have met more than one person who think that)
I'm glad you like the instructibles, mabey i'll spot you a halo game on x-box live sometime. lol :)
That would be cool. One problem. I don't own an X-box :(. But maybe a grueling game of chess? And there really isn't anything tough, or manly about sitting in front of a screen pressing buttons. But it sure is fun! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry. I just noticed you changed your age. But don't look now. I'm right behind you. (Actually, only Chuck Norris can do that, but I can pretend.) We'll see what I can do about getting that game with you. I think I can convince a friend to let me bum their x-box live. But that has yet to be seen. (Just to let you know, when I play video games, I scream like a little girl. J/K. But When I get shot I do freak out and my guy runs in circles and starts jumping a lot shooting wildly. I know, I'm a noob. I'll forgive myself later. This should be an interesting game for you.) I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Erika888 (author)  nomooremr.niceguy7 years ago
Hahaha! yes it would be a very interesting game! My birthday was lots of fun thank you very much!
Never a bad time for a Chuck Norris joke eh. LoL
So now you're Canadian? Eh? (Texans are better. J/K) Though I must admit Canada is very pretty. I got to see Niagara Falls once. It was so cool. What was the best part of your birthday? You're welcome. Chuck Norris owns a private estate in the atlantic known as the bermuda triangle. He tolerates no trespassers. How is that one?
qwiboh7 years ago
you should make an energy sword next :-)
Your guns are awsome halo rules. When are you going to finish them?