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BKLaRue2 months ago

Thanks for the favorite and for following my Instructables!!!

IamWe1 year ago

Thanks for following!

EurekaFactory (author)  IamWe1 year ago

You're welcome! You have nice Instructables. :-)

Thank you! Great initiative, this Eureka Factory! I hope something like can start up in my hometown. Instructable.com is not really a platform for discussion about the intentional part of making things. Talks about the social, ecological and cultural implication of community driven innovation is not here. Good point to organize meetings of people who care about this wider view and put it into praxis. Success!
EurekaFactory (author)  IamWe1 year ago

Instructables can be a good place for that, if people would use the forums for it. We also started a group called Independent Makers Network (http://indiemakersnetwork.com/) with associated social media. We also tried an associated forum that hasn't generated any interaction yet. I think most folks tend to do their "intentional making" discussion via the more familiar channels. If you want to get something started in your area - just start it!

We did that with Gulf Coast Makers because we saw a need for a unifying forum to bring together all our local makers and groups in one shared community. GCM is three years old now, and has gradually become the go-to place to share and learn about what's happening in the maker community across several counties on Florida's Gulf Coast (http://gulfcoastmakers.com/). It wasn't hard to get that going - we just put up a website, FB and Twitter and went from there. We also host a community Maker Festival each year that's grown consistently since we started in 2012.

Sometimes, if you keep waiting for someone else to get something started, you have to wait a really long time. Or you can just do it! :-)

EurekaFactory (author)  EurekaFactory1 year ago

Also, about three hours from you, in Friesland, my "Makerspaces in Libraries" co-author, Jeroen de Boer has a lot of good energy going about making and spaces to do it in. Happy to help make connections, if that would be helpful.