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pokiespout7 years ago
Hey, I responded to your comment on my Horror Head instructable, but thought I'd post it here for you too, just to make sure you got it: Generally, a papier-mache mask will be very stiff, the variation in hardness will depend on how many coats of paper and paste you use. For me, the hardness is something I want, because I hope for my masks to be very durable. When I have to cut into them, I typically will use a very sharp X-acto blade. Those seem to work best. Any razor blade will work though, and they give you a lot more control than scissors do. These days I do a lot more planning ahead so there is less need for me to make cuts in the finished product, but I learned in the past that if you need to cut eye-holes, for example, you should do it at an earlier stage when the papier-mache coating is thinner and more flexible. Then you can use strips of paper that will be folded down through the openings and continued on the interior surface, which help to reinforce the overall structure. Can you give me a more detailed description of your project and the problems you faced with it? I'd be more than happy to help you out if I can.