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KenGriffin8 years ago
I just started a Ubuntu group, and I would love if you would join! - Ken
F1X0R (author)  KenGriffin8 years ago
Awesome will do!
alexhalford8 years ago
Hi in relation to your jumpstart a psu instructable: even after connecting the wire between the green and black wires on the plug the psu still does not turn on. Please help
F1X0R (author)  alexhalford8 years ago
hi there. there are two possible reasons for this. when you start the PSU make sure that there is nothing connected to it, and that your have it turned on first, then put the wire/paperclip between the molex connectors. If that doesn't work then its ok, because you have a slightly different kind of PSU, probably a bit more expensive. Basically you have to fool it into thinking it has a load (ie a motherboard would give resistance). what you need to do is get a 10K resistor, solder it to a bit of wire. then you need to put one end in into a black wire and one into the RED wire on the molex connector. that will fool it into thinking it has a load and it will start. you should be able to get one from maplin, or radio shack if you're in the USA. if you still have problems, put another message on here. thanks.
hi, it just clicks at about 1Hz but won't provide power.
F1X0R (author)  alexhalford8 years ago
which method are you using?
the case fan to provide the load.
F1X0R (author)  alexhalford8 years ago
you need to get a 10k resistor really. and the more devices you have on it the more power it puts out. for example, when i do it, and just run it with no devices attached it doesn't give out full power, but when i put a water cooling system on it, it provides enough power. the more things you put on it the more power it will put out, it will only match the power needed for each device you attach.

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