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  • Perimeter Alarm, Trip Wire, Booby Trap

    Can not believe this is on a public forum. Booby Traps can be dangerous, have no brain therefore can maim, injure, kill or blind unsuspecting person/s And am quite sure someone out there now will make one with a full loaded shotgun shell now that they have the guidelines to make one-which incidentally will be in violation of Federal Law. Even the assembly instructions are dangerous-any time one is working with primers, safety glasses are always recommended. A dowel rod and hammer??? Come on!! What is next, how to make gunpowder in the kitchen? This post must come down.

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  • FrederichvonPuckler commented on aj_berg's instructable Camp Axe Holster4 months ago
    Camp Axe Holster

    Excellent design-simple, but far better than the junk make offshore. You can probably still buy all the material at a Tandy Shop, or definitely on line. You would likely want to make it from at least 10 ounce leather, and use brass snap on the safety strap and "Chicago Screws" unless you have a rivet setting device, then use rivets. this will prevent the cutting edge from cutting through, if stitching is used to close the cutting edge area.

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