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  • FrederickM14 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable scale house mailbox1 year ago
    scale house mailbox

    I took a dollhouse model i made for my daughter and converted it into a mailbox. Boy, is SHE gonna kill me. But, it was fun converting it. Of course, i mounted it on a 4x4 pole and put low wattage lights in it. I went to Dollar Tree and got some doll house furniture, a second hand store for the shrubs and trees as well as some figurines to go inside just to entertain my mailman. I tricked it out so that you can slip the mail into the door and the sales papers can go on top. Im now working on one for the UPS mail. Hey, about this for an idea for a mail flag...eithercarve a scale model of your wife with an arm that swivels up for the mail, or varnish one of those dolls to protect it from the elements...

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