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    DIY CPU Waterblock

    Hi tinker bot!I'm starting my graduation project here in the Swedish equivalent of high school, which will include the making of a DIY waterblock. Is it okay if I use your blueprints as a baseline? Unfortunately I can't use all of it due to the difference in standards and units, we're stuck with meters here haha...Anyways, it was a good read and definately one of the most professional looking blocks I've seen on the net thus far. I hope I'm able to make something like this, since school provides me with all CNC-machines and tools necessary.Would I be good off with a copper block instead of aluminium? I'm concerned about the corrosion. Any tips on radiator/pump combos - this won't be the fanciest of loops.If I come across something that doesn't make sense to me, would it be possible to ask you about it?

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