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Photographing firework is not so easy job.. Good one..! Great instructable.

Needle through balloon is really funny. Thanks for following me.

Awesome posts.. Thanks for the share.

Sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for following me...!!

im trying to modify a "useless machine" - the one that sticks an arm up and switches itself off.

the aim is to make my cars GPS unit pop up (stand up @ 90 degrees) and "lay back down?" when i switch the ignition on and off.

using modified servo's or gear boxes i can sort the mechanics out however, my major complication is the electronics- switching the power off once the unit is upright, reversing the power and switching the power off once the unit is back down again.

you may ask why all the effort , main reason is because it would be cool, then there's the security (people breaking into your car to steal it which happens often)

this may seem like a stupid idea but im a diy enthusiast.


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KnexFreek6 years ago
 YOU make AWESOME stuff!!!!!!!!
 yeah but i still think it would be funny if you could record ur voice or something but i think u could go to a hobbie shop and get some letters that adhesive on the back. or u could some how wire up a recorder and a speaker into all the mix that triggers when you or someone else flips the switch

 you could just write in sharpie dont turn on and when the arm thing comes out put a sign the width and hight right on the front of the litlle part that turns it  off and have a sign that says i told you no it kinda a cheese idea but i think i would work 
 lol but did i get the basic idea down