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Ganhaar (author) 5 months ago


The belt was a gates 1512-8MGT3-30

The pulley on the motor was 22 tooth

10B is the industrial chain / sprocket code. I don't have the bike chain code, but that will be easy to find online. Using chain I could get a 12tooth sprocket on the motor.

Ganhaar (author) 5 months ago
Hi Stuart,
Was a gates 30mm wide GT3 belt. In addition to motor torque being high, the problem was compounded by restricted size of the driven pulley so I had to get the smallest gates pulley available to mount on the motor to get the right gear ratio. This resulted in a low number of teeth engaged and high belt force. It was supposed to be within the limits as per the Gates design software, but maybe the shock loads of a car plus rapid torque reversal (acceleration to regen braking) was too much for the belts. A pity because they were nice and quiet.
The chain was from a large bike, what you would find on an 1100cc road bike and no problems with any failures now. I think the chain code was 10b but thats only from memory. You can also get a british standard industrial sprocket (different chain code) that will match the bike chain and these make it a lot easier and more economical to attach sprockets to a shaft. The taper lock bushes are excellent.
Email me on ganhaar@me.com if you want more info or are interested in buying some new belts that I have left over as I initially ordered a pair that were too long. I have the pulleys as well but they are very heavy and would be expensive to post.
Stuart215 months ago

G'day Wayne, Stuart here, in Thailand.

Just wondering did you find what the problem was with your Gates GT3 belts on your EV platform - was the motor torque just too high? What pitch and width were you using?

We are designing one now - I would like to use a toothed rubber belt, but a bit wary.

How is your experience with the chain drive? What size did you use?

Will show you my design when it's ready.

Thanks and best regards,