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quixote9 years ago
Hi GaryGary- I'm an elementary teacher in NM, and want to teach my students about energy usage and savings by monitoring natural gas usage, and by building a passive solar panel for my portable building (classroom). Then, see how much we save, using each. Do you know a source for a gas flow meter i could use? Our school doesn't have separate meters. Thanks- quixote
GaryGary (author)  quixote9 years ago

I'm not personally aware of a gas meter you could use -- two approaches come to mind:

- See if you can get the gas company interested in the project -- maybe they would volunteer a meter and installation.

- If your building has a separate gas furnace, it might be easier just to monitor the furnace on time. The furnace name plate probably has a BTU in or BTU out label -- you could get a fairly good idea of the heat used from this.
Something like this data logger might do it:

You would probably want to figure out the heat used per degree-day -- this way your results won't be thrown off by colder or warmer than average weather. Here is an example of how this works:

Let me know if I can be of anymore help.