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sharlston4 years ago
please join the ibles fansite
KnexFreek4 years ago
dude, you have some amazing stuff,
keep up the good work!

Gjdj3 (author)  KnexFreek4 years ago
Thanks! I checked out some of your knex guns, and those are pretty cool also!
KnexFreek Gjdj34 years ago
Hiyadudez4 years ago
Thanks for the patch! Subscribed!
Jayefuu4 years ago
Yay a patch! Thanks!
Gjdj3 (author) 5 years ago
Gjdj3 (author)  Gjdj35 years ago
Hey man...thanks for subscribing to me...I am hoping to put up some more ideas real soon....Take care and live life. --Chels
Ignore the nasty comment left on your how to make a guide 'ible, that wasn't me t'was a wee while ago but it's an impostor...
Gjdj3 (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
Ok, no problem. How though?
Gjdj3 (author)  Gjdj35 years ago
Ignore my comment! I realized his name had a space between killer and jackalope.
I'm shocked by how many people never noticed...
Gjdj3 (author)  killerjackalope5 years ago
Yeah. it is sort of hard though if you aren't looking closely (especially when hes keeping up on the avatars).
Huh, in my mind, i always remember you as GdG3... It's a little more catchy...