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we use gluten free mama flour and we love making this stuff with it!!!!!!!!!!!

GlutenFreeMama (author)  mulesaremylife2 years ago

I'm so glad you enjoy making the recipes! I am actually not that Gluten Free Mama...she has spaces between her words :)

Kazz093 years ago
Oh my gosh your recipes all look so scrumptious! I'm fairly new to the GF world. First time I failed after only 4 days. Trying again. I haven't eliminated it completely just yet but I've limited my intake greatly and for the first time in who knows how long I'm not dealing with crazy stomach aches. I'm really anxious to try the bread recipe and the chicken nuggets. Thanks for making things a bit easier for us newbies!
kerikins3 years ago
Time to write a book! I am just getting ready for the gluten free life. I have so many physical ailments relating to inflammation as well as memory and depression issues. My son is positive if I switch to a gluten free diet, things will change for me in every aspect of my life. After reading up on the gluten issues and the wheat as well for me for many years, I just cannot ignore the facts any longer. Thanks so much for putting this up, it gives me hope for an easier transition than anticipated!
GlutenFreeMama (author)  kerikins3 years ago
Good luck to you! It can be overwhelming at first, but its actually very easy once you are used to it. One thing to remember that helped me in the beginning.....most food is NATURALLY gluten free! There are many more things that you can eat vs. what you can't. Many people have trouble with missing baked goods, cookies, bread etc....that is where I hope to help :)

Be sure to throw away any wooden cutting boards or wooden cooking utencils when you begin cooking gluten free. The wood retains traces of gluten on it, even after going through the dishwasher.
atehzab3 years ago
Your recipes are awesome!
GlutenFreeMama (author)  atehzab3 years ago
Thank you so much :)
mchapman103 years ago
Love your recipes! thanks so much for sharing!
GlutenFreeMama (author)  mchapman103 years ago
I'm so glad you like them! Thanks!