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Nov. 15, 2008
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  • DIY Boost Converter || How to Step Up DC Voltage Efficiently

    Great project, I am tremendously fascinated by the DC-DC converter circuit. I've seen journal papers on extracting energy from voltages as low as 0.006V to an unloaded output of 1V [i.e. the one found here http://cap.ee.ic.ac.uk/~pdm97/powermems/2009/pdfs/...not very practical but I still love the idea!]. I have been working on how to make a circuit to collect energy [generally solar] gradually and store it in a large container to power a much larger circuit for a few moments every so often as an art project.This looks like it only uses 3 of the 6 pins from the ATiny85 one or two to sense and the other as a pulse driver. This puts it in the control pin count range of the ATiny10 ($0.45 at the time I bought it) and if you happen to find programming in assembly in a 1Kbyte environment fun. I find it perversely fun to program something that can fit comfortably on an air-gun BB but has similar processing specs to the Atari2600's 6502.

    I emphatically disagree, disqualifying the entire membership of Instructables because a project could fail to work the first time it is attempted is in direct contradiction of the purpose of a crowd sourced do it yourself project site. You are speaking to an ages old issue of amatuerdom versus project quality where debates were held between those seeking to moderate or edit the "rougher" submissions to improve the overall quality of the forum itself and those who wanted to see everything without censure. For myself I will fall on the side of seeing everything without self or system moderation, I can sort out the garbage [of which class this project does not fall in] pretty quickly and solving a few frustrations with my own substitutions is part of my learning experience. Qualifiers on skill level required are nice to have but do you really want to see disclaimers such as "This project may not work the first time you build it so you may want to buy one from a factory." Why would someone with that requirement look to an amateur site as a source of supply? I pretty much assume none of these will work like the author claims - Especially if soldering is involved - so I am not looking for qualified perfection or disclaimers, I am looking for peer supplied information.Lastly, on cost, I've seen legitimate complaints about cost from individuals where $20 can be a very serious price tag [e.g. children]. I don't want to see projects moderated out of the forum because they are considered too expensive, because I would still want access to that project myself. I like the laser cutter projects but I'll probably never have access to one. That shouldn't stop me from cutting and filing by hand if I really thought the project worth doing. However, I would commend any author, as writing a highest quality project, that wrote a project with lower cost alternatives in mind for reaching those who face stronger cost challenges in the audience. If you want it to work out of the box the disclaimer "go get one from a factory" is practically axiomatic to all of us and I can only assume that using that as a criticism is pure flame bait.

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