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920336 years ago
Hi Greg... Hello from Ohio-USA. 6/12/2010. Just checking your home page to see your Bio since you mentioned that you're a Magician-Illusionist. Glad to see you're a dedicated young fellow in Magic for 31 years. Guess what? I beatcha by twice those years. :-) Knew all the Super Greats personally that most only read about. Both Blackstones (Sr & Jr), All the greats who were associated through Abbott's, Birch, Neil Foster, Jerry Conklin, Neff, Percy Abbott, Recil Bordner, George Johnstone, Duke Stern, Karrell Fox, Grant, Dunninger, Monk watson, Thurston & Blackstone Sr's chief assistand who lived only 8 miles from me when retired, and a host of others too numerous to recall at the moment. I'm retired now...~ '1200 Year Old Highlander Immortal' ~ y'know. :-) Just dropped in to say 'Hi'. Take care. Best Wishes And God's Blessings To You And Yours In Everything Alway... Magically... ~ ED Cherney PS...The next Abbott's/Colon Magic Get-Together is coming up soon in the Magic Capitol Of The World...Colon, Michigan...thinking about taking-it-in. Have you ever been there in its heyday? FABULOUS.
ansanma7 years ago
Hi Greg, I've posted a topic requesting multi-language extension of instructable:


Maybe you want to give your opinion about that!
You should post more stuff, the TRON lamp thing is very cool.

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