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ray603043 years ago
My project requires engraving a signature and edition copy number in the corner of a digital print on aluminum. The thickness and position will be constant. My donor dvd drive was a light scribe so why couldn't I keep the laser in the same position it was in when burning DVD's. I would use a second stepper assembly for the Y axis and move the whole X axis assembly, laser and all.
bestofboth4 years ago

I am new to this site and i am looking for GRBL cnc hex code file as i can not download as .hex file i can view the hex code as html but can not save or download as .hex file. If anyone got this GRBL.hex file please let me know.

Thank you
Dsm964 years ago
WAY COOL!!!! I want one of those
kjauffret5 years ago
mi msn es cowboykaiser@hotmail.com grasias
kjauffret5 years ago
ola me gustaria saber como acer el Pocket laser engraver com piesas de dvd me podrias passar en arquivo pdf com imagens mas en espanhol porfavor muchas gracias
elabz5 years ago
Grr-rrr-oover, hey!

I'm preparing files for my new airplane model (cuts with your cutter, of course) and I want to add proper credits for the LaserEngraver Inkscape extension, which I used to make G-Code.

Should I put Slackersdeligh.com in there or your actual name (which you need to give me first) or maybe this Instructables nick? How would you like your credit?
Drop me a line to info AT elabz DOT com about the proper way to credit you please.

Anyways, your extension is awesome, I've tried the original Gcodetools and Nick's development version 194 is nice in that it prints out comments for the paths but boy, oh boy, does the code need cleaning afterwards because of the third Z axis that's missing on laser cutters and the very specific M3/M5 ON/OFF commands that we use! I wish we could transfer the path comments code from the development v. 194 (or later) and into LaseEngraver - it would make it a *perfect* combination. Let me know what you think.

elabz5 years ago
Hi Groover, nice cutter indeed! I'm actually considering making one myself even though I do already have a CNC router with the laser riding on it, as evident from my posts. I do have a few CD-Rom drives laying around (and a couple of extra red lasers and lens / housings), and I need the CNC router for other things, so a cutter like that could come handy.

Anyways, I'm trying to work out the size limitations and it's hard to just guess without opening CD-ROMs, so I was hoping you can help since you already have a working model. I've measured the radius of a recorded CD-ROM and I'm coming up with 1.5 inch (37 mm) of movement the cd-rom's positioning mechanism should allow. It is small indeed, in fact I did not think it's so small by just looking at the pictures.

So, the question is: does the mechanism only allow for exactly 1.5inch movement as needed to record a CD or is there any more room to play? Have you tried to disassemble a LightScribe - enabled CD, do they allow any more movement? So, what's the exact size of the work envelope you can achieve on your cutter?

Thanks a lot for your input!
Groover (author)  elabz5 years ago
There are some more room for movement. But not much and it differs from drive to drive (by a tiny amount). I get 38mm on one axis and 40mm on the other. Thats the limit of the leadscrew on the drives. The linear bearings could allow a little more but not much, about 3-4 mm more.

I have never knowingly opened a LightScribe drive.
elabz Groover5 years ago


Well, the lead screws are the ultimate limiting factor, so I'll stick with 38mm. I'm working on another airplane silhouette model, will see if I can squeeze it into 38x38 envelope. Will be really-really tough though... Anyways, I'll post it if anything useful comes out.
One of my decommissioned  CD-RWs is a LightScribe (me thinks) , I'll open it and see if it's any better than a regular one. I think they should allow movement in the area that's a few (3-4) mm closer to the center of the CD but I'll have to break it and see first.

Hi, I loved the description of the laser cutter, and I would love to try it, but somehow, I cannot download the pdf, I tried several times, since yesterday, could you possibly post it somewhere else where I could download it from ? I would greatly appreciate it.

Love the cutter!
merijnvw5 years ago
you're great I really like the laser cutter ible!

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