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WAREZRONIN1 year ago

Hi there, I am new to this type of "geometry for electronics" and I have plans to use this type of charlieplexing for my falcon that I have found in my grandfathers attic, non built and unpainted. I would like to build this in remembrance of his "Tinkering" lifestyle.

I have an idea for the rear thrusters that is in a grid of 2 x 15~30 (I may need a better idea as I think I need a lot more than that) of blue LED's, look at Google images if you don't know what the falcons thrusters looks like.


I would like to use 3pin leds, so I can have blue at all times but then a random RED for "faulty" thrusters that "spits" every now and then, turning red for a very brief millisecond and then back to blue every now and then on different leds.

FORGET THE CODE FOR THE MOMENT, I can work on that I think, but I was wondering how I would go about using a schematic like this but I need a 2x20. so in theory I would have 80 led's

am I correct in saying just make up a 9x9x9 charlie and then just layout the leds how I see fit later in the falcon.

I think I am thinking about this all wrong, but this is why I have come to ask for advice.

Thanks for any help given.

HippyNerd (author)  WAREZRONIN1 year ago
It may be easier to use RGB LEDs than RB LEDs.
This way of charlieplexing takes advantage of the fact that 4 RGB LEDs can be controlled by 4 wires because of the common lead. There may be a way to do it, but my guess is that with bi color LEDs wth a common lead, you will wire up 3 RB LEDs in this fashion to control a total of 6 LEDs with 3 leads.
You could wire RGB LEDs (up to 64 with this setup) and just program it to use the red and blue ones.
When you want the red to glow, you will want to dim the blue, or you will get purple. You will probably end up fiddling around with it quite a lot,before you get it to look the way you want.
I dont know how you will do a 9x9x9 cube, that is considerably more difficult.

Thank you.