Home Build Solar System

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    Carson326 years ago
    This is a nice guide. I found a site that gives step by step video instructions on how to build home solar panels. It gives some interesting information.

    Thanks a tonne for the information! Hope it helps!
    pchirps4 years ago
    I want to make my house a Solar powered house. I stay in India, and we are facing terrible power problems. It is quite hot and the entire day & night goes by without fan or lights. I want to build a Solar powered home with everything running on Solar. I have an idea but some more help will be appreciated.

    xolzscxux5 years ago
    Where do you get the solar cells? I have not found a good supplier.
    ekolaw4real6 years ago
    I need to know how to get this materials here in nigeria to setup a solar panel...Please advice
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