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Did you use to be blue mullet?
Icetank (author)  KnexFreak3605 years ago
No? Who's Blue Mullet?
Nevermind his account got deleted and I thought this was his new one, my bad.
Icetank (author)  KnexFreak3605 years ago
Look, spread the news. I lied thinking it would not like it. So yes, I am Blue Mullet. The New account. =D
jingo69 Icetank3 years ago
welcome back again :D I thought you were gone from instructables.
Look at the date he posted that comment jingo.
sorry, I only just found out!
=( you lied to me! why
Icetank (author)  KnexFreak3605 years ago
Instructables might have done something to this account. But then I got over it. Sorry.
its cool guess what my next prodject is
Nah im jking
it is
ya he was and now still is
DJ Radio5 years ago
The hell? Did you make a new account?
His other account got blocked, but now he is being a d**k and pretending to be a noob to get views.