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Jan. 14, 2016
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  • Migbot Prusa I3 3D Printer - Assembly and Use

    Hi, thank you for posting this instruction which made everything easier, but I'm stuck on the mainboard and powering and I have 4 problems.First question is about the square fan connection. You had 2 wires, one negative and one positive, but mine has a plug attached to it, so I don't understand how to connect it since every instruction I find has 2 wires, not plug. Second question is about the nozzle head. It has 2 wires, which need to be connected with the mainboard, but they are both red coloured. How do I know which one to connect to the positive side and negative side? Third question is about wiring the mainboard with the DC power supply. There are 3 positive spots and 3 negative spots on DC power supply. Can I connect the positive wire in the first positive wire spot and the negative wire in the first negative wire spot, or it doesn't matter which one I use, as long as I have the negative wire in the negative spot and positive wire in the positive spot? Fourth and final question is about connecting the power cable to the DC power supply. There are 2 wires, blue and brown. Which one goes to the L and which one to the N under the AC input spot?Regards,Ingvar

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