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  • How to break it to your kids that Santa Claus isn't real

    But uh, I wouldn't really know about this subject since i otaku. FABULOUS. But i hated it when the PJO series ended.'-'

    HI kiddies. Think about it, do you REALLY want to believe a racist, fat, pedobear, who breaks into your house ? Not only that but watches you when you are taking a shower to see if ur good? Well , then I don't really know what has the world been doing. And really ,the government, wouldn't allow an unknown figure sneak into your house repeatedly. Trust me , with all the terrorists attacks going on they are all paranoid. Now I am not saying wether Santa is real or not, but if you can recall the title of this blog it was 'How to break it to your kids that Santa is not real'. And I don't think 9 year olds have kids.........OR DO THAY

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