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TomGee1 year ago


I have just looked at your Global Car Tracker, can you tell me how the parallel 7805 regulator is supposed to work.

The parallel configuration is not recommended by any manufacturer to increase current handling.

Please look at the 7805 application sheets to see how to apply extra current capacity to a 7805.

The 7805 also needs bypass capacitors as per the datasheet to reliably operate.

I know that these comments should be encouraging, and I am an encouraging you to read the 7805 datasheet.

The assembly of 7805s as you have built it is very unstable and prone to failure to the extent of destroying all the hardware on the 5V rail.


SagarR11 year ago

Hey buddy, i appreciate your ATHENA project but can u mail me the working code for your ATHENA project as u said u had problems uploading it on website with "+" signs.

I am doing this project for my final year engineering.

My mail id is sagarrane.406@gmail.com

plzz do the needful and mail me as early as possible...
Thanks in advance..

I love your projects. Interesting and very nicely explained. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for following me

Awesome contents. Clear and easy to understand

I m from India
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