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Glad to have you follow me :), you have great ibles.
Jessie Marie (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya3 years ago
Thank you! Yours are great as well!
Thanks for following my instructables...your ideas are awesome!
Jessie Marie (author)  Susan Cirigliano3 years ago
Thanks! Your projects are very creative! :)
lindarose923 years ago
Thanks for following me! Your projects are great! :)
Jessie Marie (author)  lindarose923 years ago
Thank you so much! :) So are yours!
kelseymh3 years ago
Hi, Jesse Marie. This comment is on your Orangeboard. You can reply to it, or create your own top-level comment, just as with forum topics. Unlike the "PM" system, your Orangeboard is public.
Jessie Marie (author)  kelseymh3 years ago
Okay, thanks! :)