My name is Jielt Gregoire, design enthusiast with a strong interest for materials and manufacturing techniques. BIO To give this passion a proper fundament I obtained a Professional Bachelor “Industrial Product Design” at the academy of Howest in Kortrijk. I studied in The Hague during this period on a Erasmus exchange. While in The Hague I got to know, work and live with people from around the world. This was a very inspiring period where I could pick my own curriculum. I focused on self-re... Read More »
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    Trigger/ The ceramic lounger

    Hi DavidI did made a ton of molds and there is no glaze on the bottom when it’s baked.To be honest, this is not a small hobby project. It took me months to get enoughlinks for the surface.I gave Royal Botania a license to reproduce them. So if were lucky they’ll beon the market by next year, save you the time ;)Best, Jielt

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