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  • Joe_M commented on Robin Lewis's instructable How to Make a Concrete Countertop2 years ago
    How to Make a Concrete Countertop

    Do you have any concerns about cracks developing in the surface? I once read that concrete cracks, and that is a sure thing, but I also know that with the use of polymer additives, it can help concrete have greater strength, but I'm not so sure that it applies to using the concrete for a counter top versus a drive way, or to patch a drive way. I do know that some of the bagged concrete mix I can buy in America does include polymers, and that is mostly for patching, or adding concrete to already hardened concrete, I think that the polymers help the new concrete stick to the old concrete and not break away once hardened. So my question still stands, do you have any concerns about cracks developing, and if not, did you find something in your research that put you at ease about cracking?

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