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  • Johenix commented on Mr Maker McMakington's instructable Super Ice!2 months ago
    Super Ice!

    A non-toxic super ice: Water, Ethyl Alcohol and Glycerin.Or for quick cold on the go make up sealed bags of one part DRY Ammonium Nitrate and one part DRY Urea. Just add (local) water for instant cold.

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  • Johenix commented on ZakriyaP's instructable Vanlife Cheap Lab for Electronic Hobiest.2 months ago
    Vanlife Cheap Lab for Electronic Hobiest.

    Soldering Iron: Wahl Clippers used to make a low voltage battery operated iron with replaceable tips. You might find the tips on EBay. Using a step down resistor and a push button switch you could run this off the cigarette lighter.Get a large ceramic floor tile 12"x12" or 30cm x30cm for a soldering surface.Parts storage: Resistors (5%) are 24 to a decade (10-100, 100-1000, etc.). Get a 24 compartment Plano fishing tackle box to hold them. Same for capacitors.

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  • Johenix commented on HannahP24's instructable Vanlife in a Top 20 Coldest City2 months ago
    Vanlife in a Top 20 Coldest City

    May I ask which town you are in?Another idea would be to make a bottom-less box of plastic foam insulation and put it over yourself while you are sleeping. The ends of the box would be double walled with an inch or so of air duct space between the walls. The ducts would have high openings inside and low openings outside to trap a bubble of warm air over you while allowing cooler air to escape.

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  • Johenix commented on LabRatMatt's instructable Hybrid Rocket Engine2 months ago
    Hybrid Rocket Engine

    I hear that one fellow was using rolls of roofing tar paper as fuel.What I would really like to hear about is someone who worked out a fuel oxidizer combination that ignites spontaneously on contact for an engine that could be shut down and restarted. It would make a good in space thruster.Burt Rutan's "Space Ship I" used a nitrous oxide- polysulfide rubber system in a PLASTIC casing, with a burn through detecting wire imbedded in the casing. At the first sign of burn through the wire would break and interrupt power to the solenoid that opened the nitrous oxide valve against a closing spring. Stone ax reliable. No power- no nitrous oxide- no flame.Small quantities of nitrous oxide can be had in steel capsules for making whipped cream.

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  • Johenix commented on coliveira8's instructable Homebrewing Capacitors4 months ago
    Homebrewing Capacitors

    Interesting note: In the book "Cache Lake Country" by John Rowlands, (C 1947) there is a plan for a crystal set with a capacitor that drags two square metal plates diagonally over each other. I realized that this design gives an inherently frequency linear variable capacitor. Just make the drive shaft plate grounded to defeat body effect.

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  • Johenix commented on ruthgrace's instructable Grow Anything Grow Bucket for $505 months ago
    Grow Anything Grow Bucket for $50

    Free buckets: Buckets are available at 1.) Bakeries, 2.) Pizza parlors, and 3.) Fast Food shops. Some may smell of pickle juice. Buckets of similar mouth diameters are available from 2 to 6.5 gallons.

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  • Johenix commented on aridbennett's instructable Self Spinning Gyroscope7 months ago
    Self Spinning Gyroscope

    Actually back in the 1960's NASA patented a pair of motor/generators that could produce constant rotational speed from variable frequency AC or constant frequency AC from a variable RPM source. Quite a trick. They used one coil driven by a fixed frequency source to print magnetic poles on the rotor and then used the rest of the stator coils to drive the rotor or in generator mode pick off the generated power.

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  • Johenix commented on fs woodworking's instructable Impossible Dovetail Joint Puzzle 9 months ago
    Impossible Dovetail Joint Puzzle

    This would make a very nice presentation box for wedding and engagement rings. Just make a cross wise cut in the dove tails and drill a hole in the upper part of the lower dove tail.

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  • Casting a Large, Light-Weight Telescope Mirror from Recycled Glass

    On the question of why not rotate the mold to get a bit of a central dip, Remember that we would be working with materials at 2000 degrees (F or C, I assume C) and that temperature would melt most spindles and bearings. I did see a photo where they were rotating the whole kiln to make a mirror more than 3 or 4 feet in diameter for a telescope in Arizona. I think it was Roger Angel's project.

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  • DIY Jelly Jar Guitar Amplifier : The North Georgia Jelly Amp

    1.) How did you do the schematic? What program?2.) How about using a colored glass jar, say red, green or blue?3.) Somewhere I have seen perforated lids, that could protect the speaker cone.

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  • How to Survive a Backpacking Trip in Alaska

    1.) Put a "Bear Bell" on your pack frame and do not silence it.2.) You need Mosquito repellant- lots of it. They will bleed you dry if you let them.3.) Magnesium Fire starter. (Doan Manufacturing is best, and test it OUTDOORS before you go.)

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  • Johenix commented on Intofx's instructable Is that a REAL pumpkin??? Yes, it is!10 months ago
    Is that a REAL pumpkin??? Yes, it is!

    When I first saw the pumpkin, I thought, "He must be using a plastic mold, like the Japanese use to make cube shaped watermelons." Using clay is kind of cheating, I think.

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  • Johenix commented on TheSpodShed's instructable Mega Power Bank1 year ago
    Mega Power Bank

    Sockets (12V & USB) and Volt Meter are available at Quicksilver Radio .COM.

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  • Johenix commented on darbinorvar's instructable DIY Barn Style Door1 year ago
    DIY Barn Style Door

    I see only one glaring error in your work: The "Z" braces should run from the lower hinge side corner to the upper latch side corner to prevent the door from sagging.

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