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Cor8225 years ago
Could you post a picture of the type of speaker that you used to get the bone speaker effect and a picture of the card? i got 1 of the "chicken dance" cards you talked about and heres the picture in the link below. if this is the type of card you got could you reply? thanks!

Johenix (author)  Cor8225 years ago
I went and took another look at the $10 11"x11" Hallmark sound greeting cards.
You must have the NEW style with a conventional speaker.
The old style was about 1/4" thick and had "Loudspeaker technology under license from NXT Plc. US Pat. Nos 6,181,799 and 6,359,991"

Look around at Walgreens and Wal Mart and you might just find one or two left.

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