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PeterG255 months ago

Josehf...I could seriously use your brain power for a project. It involves wiring of intergrated taillights into truck. Email me please, I need help!!! outlaw-525@hotmail.com. I dont use this site but can across you In my search for answers.

anthonyhalbach11 months ago

hi, i dont know if you are here. but the gold recovery steps were great i will get started. i have questions write back thank you

Thanks a lot Josehf...

hello Josehf sir, Can you please reply to my message?
Have you ever seen a water curtain they look nice as well as they can increase the humidity to 100%.

If you have a natural source of water they work on their own just gravity or you can use a water pump to circulate the water.

Most humidifiers are a fan a wet air filter and water and they work on the smallest of electric motors.

The fan motor moves the air and rotates the air filter in the water keeping the air filter wet and it is that simple.

slovbab1 year ago
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bajablue2 years ago
You are incredibly smart and creative! I ask myself why didn't I start following you sooner?!? ;-)