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  • Make a cool logo in Photoshop in 10 minutes or less!

    In my honest opinion I prefer to use Corel when working on my designs. It's more accurate and has many more possibilities than Photoshop. I suggest checking this article out http://www.coreldraw.com/en/pages/logo-design/ and if there are beginners reading this, my suggestion is to work with Corel instead of Photoshop because it is easier. :)

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  • How to Draw Manga Head

    Great tutorial! If you could make another one where it shows how to draw a female characters head that would be great. With your article I managed to draw a perfect male character, but for a female I had to use another article. Maybe this will help some other beginner like me :) http://www.painterartist.com/en/pages/draw-manga/

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  • JulianLee23 commented on Mumu545's instructable How to Draw Manga Eyes (two ways)1 week ago
    How to Draw Manga Eyes (two ways)

    I was looking for a good quality tutorial and I like yours, you explained what to use and how thru detailed steps. I am only a beginner and I tried three times to draw it, of course every other was the better than the one before, but at last I found another tutorial like yours that helped me with a few more details, I hope it can help someone else.http://www.painterartist.com/en/pages/draw-manga/

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