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Sdajafol5 years ago
My compliments on your steampunk work. I'm a musician and have recently been asked by a steam punk "theatre" group to join them, and your stuff looks very inspiring.
Kaelessin (author)  Sdajafol5 years ago
Thank you! I'd love to see some steampunk theatre . . .
Mattrox6 years ago
Oops sorry the pictures useless. The valve furthurest to the right is valve 1 the one to the left is valve 2. The small tank is the firing tank. The big one is The main tank. 
Kaelessin (author)  Mattrox6 years ago
That looks pretty legit to me! It will take some experimenting with different pressures to figure out what gives you a good muzzle velocity and lots of shots though. With this design,  each shot will be slightly slower than the last until there's not enough pressure for a shot. this can be made negligible with tons of pressure but you can only cram so much air into pvc . . .you could make this same thing using gas line pipes (the kind built for high pressure) and really make something amazing! I can't wait to see this built!
Mattrox6 years ago
I'm planning on building a new airgun and I was wanting to get some help  on its design, so I'll explain what I'm planning on doing. Ok first please look at the picture, Now I fill the main tank and  valve 1 stops air getting into the Firing tank. Valve 1 is linked to the bolt action mechinism so that when the bolt is opened the valve is opened when it's closed the valve is closed. So I Open the bolt to put the bullet in and  the firing tank is filled with air, I close the bolt and it closes valve 1 so the main tank is blocked off , then I open valve 2 to to fire. This way you get multiple shots.

frollard7 years ago
Hey no problems - I just copy pasted from a googled page :) interwebs are awesome like that ;)