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I need to contact with you, please email me at wngywndy@yahoo.com. It would be much appreciated if u email me. thnks :D

adam20138 years ago
hey can you email me and tell me how you made your sub it sounds so cool
Kajnjaps (author)  adam20138 years ago
Hi Adam2013, due to lack of time, it's not finished yet. I wanted to build an ROV/AUV platform that is easily expandable/modifiable and buildable by a person without special mechanical skills. The frame consists of 30mm diameter PVC tubing. It is easy to click extra parts (lights, cameras, hydrophones....) to the frame using tube clamps, so thats the expandable part. 2 large containers of standard 120mm PVC sewer tubing (orange) inside the frame, one short and one long, house the battery and electronics. There is an advantage of having a battery on board: in case of using the platform as an ROV, the tether needs only to convey signals and not the actual supply current, thus a lighter cable can be used, minimizing drag on the vehicle. Also the battery is placed so to stabilize the frame, and add to the almost neutral buoyancy. I use 4 thrusters, 2 on the sides (for forward/backward and turning) and 2 to pointed upwards (for diving/ ascending). There are provisions on the frame to place 2 extra for rolling. The electronics go in the top-tube using a slide (see picture). For this, part of the top frame can be dismantled using quick-set-screws (or whatever these are called is in English).

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