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gunmanx9 years ago
still havent posted it. (sigh)
gunmanx9 years ago
hey post ur panzersherk now its saturday
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  gunmanx9 years ago
GAHHH!!!!! Okay, fine, I'll say it. It was my Mom's birthday today and we went to San Clemente all day!!
grrr im pissed now
Easy Button9 years ago
hey dude should i post my true shotgun plz reply soon
knex gun forum 002.jpg
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  Easy Button9 years ago
Yeah, looks good, but it the barrel is a little short.
u like my sniper thank u. Hey my crossbow got a system that when u fire a string is attached to the arrow/bolt. The string is attached to a spindle with a henge to a wheel attached to a crank so when u fire it u bend the wheel onto the spindle wheel, Crank it the arrow/bolt will come back to you so you wont have to walk over to get the bolt when firing it long distances!! Cool, eh?...(you mark on the string a mark every 10 feet to measure distances quicker). Thats even more cooler!! I'll post a picture of the crossbow with the new system soon, u will see it on the front of the crossbow! =)
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  g123453899 years ago
Sounds cool! Anyway, I've done it. I've made a shoulder-fied K'Nex Gun/RPG. I'll post the pics later.
=() omg post!!! pics and instuctable!
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  g123453899 years ago
Got it.
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  g123453899 years ago
Ohh...not up yet. See, I just got back from vacation. Oops...
ok get a pic
heres my upgraded version
knex shotgun.jpg
KamikazeSniper360 (author)  Easy Button9 years ago
Ok. That beats my gun by a longshot.