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  • KimberlyM81 commented on Sonata85's instructable Removing Popcorn Ceilings!2 years ago
    Removing Popcorn Ceilings! hey everyone, I wanted to thank the author and everyone else for good ideas! Im getting ready to work on taking off my popcorn ceilings and this has been enlightening for me! I inculded a site above only because I ran across it too when doing research on popcorn ceilings and the contractor used a special plastic that has tape alrwady attached and you tape it to the walls and then drape it, so as to cover the floors and furniture and when he finished taking off all the popcorn, he then rolled up the plastic and it didnt leave a mess on floors or furniture and nothing had to be moved to do the job. I just thought I would mention that becaue the mess was a concerm for me as well and I really liked the idea. Good luck everyone!

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