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cAN u post ur xbox stand

Hey mate please please can you post the xbox cabinet...PLEASE
Knex Guru (author)  TommyJ2219947 years ago
Someone already posted a copy of it, I don't have the patience to make an instructable.
 who posted it?

knexsniper17 years ago
Great m4 carbine! Keep it up. do you have a lot of pieces? cause if you do, then i think you should consider creating a mk.48
will you post an 'ible for the m4 carbine
Maybe. I'd have to make it again.
Knex Guru (author) 7 years ago
I'm gonna be working on a guide to field strip an airsoft S&WM4505, and a Walther P22. I'll also include how to mod the P22 to shoot at a much higher FPS.