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i figured it out. You are a girl!

Kona-chan (author)  Dr MonkeyMan19 days ago

and you based that on, what?

Kona-chan (author) 21 days ago

it's mah birthday!


Kona-chan (author) 1 month ago

it's almost my bday


dr. richtofen3 months ago

Silly kids, with their animu and mango.

Kona-chan (author)  dr. richtofen3 months ago

I want to punch you in the face now xD

>mfw weebs
Kona-chan (author)  dr. richtofen3 months ago

Soul eater :D

The K'NEX Connect G+ page is open now:

...As is the K'NEX Connect G+ Community:

thanks, but I aint using G+

sorry bro

Kona-chan (author) 11 months ago
hey there reader!
happy, healthy, and save 2014!

for the following people(they know i mean them);
reddy, rocky, blackshadow, bm, mikie, the dutchy, tlf,
hey guys, happy new yeaer, sorry for the quickish post, but im running out of time and i wanna spend some time not with knex, legos or on the internet, but with family, i'll be up posting soon enough

and again, happy new year!
BlackShadow1211 months ago
Thanks for subscribing!
SomeAsianKid12 months ago
Hey man(or girl), you know that failed slide action gun that e pluribus unum made? Do you have pics of the internals, if so could you post them and give credit to yourself and e pluribus?
Kona-chan (author)  SomeAsianKid11 months ago
(i'm a dude eue)
uhm it's easy man, i'll made it at home cuz im on school now, i'm not on any project so yeah if you give me like 5 hours i'll send them to you
hunter9991 year ago
Thanks for subbing!! :D