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scoochmaroo2 years ago
Your portfolio is whimsical and fantastic. After leaving school, all I wanted to do was make masks. I decided to get a job in costuming instead, but have always missed mask-making - part of why I ran this contest! I only wish I had time to participate! Is this a hobby for you or a career? What do you do with your creations?
Right, just read more on your portfolio page. Questions answered! You should check out our AIR program if you're ever interested!
Lango84 (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
Oh man, that residency sounds amazing. I will definitely look into it in the near future.
Thanks for the support.

Your instructables look tasty as well. And I am not sure why the beerkini isn't featured in every beer ad in the world. Ingenious!

What kind of costume work do you do for your job?
I was creating menswear for the American Conservatory Theatre, Berkeley Rep, and the SF Opera when I first moved here. Now I work for Instructables! Thanks for the comments on beerkini. :D